Living a healthy lifestyle means something different for everyone. For us, it's about finding the richest products and preparing them with health in mind. We believe in variety and balance

Punk Kitchen was born from a fusion between cultures, passions and lifestyles. A project that began when a group of friends and lovers of the hospitality industry decided to undertake by opening various concepts of restaurants and bars around the world.

At Punk Kitchen we devote work, mind and heart to bring gourmet and elegant food to its most casual, fast and provoking level. With fresh ingredients, cooking from scratch and in an energy-full environment, we find the balance between health, flavor and rebellion.

Being aware of the world we are a part of, we try to act responsibly. Using real and local ingredients for the most part, reducing the use of plastic to its minimum expression and collaborating with causes that deserve attention.

Punk Kitchen is more than a cafe or restaurant,is a community of real and rebel people that takes care about themselves inside and out and that wants to break the stereotype of a healthy lifestyle.